Mobile Bleachers

The high demand for temporary seating in most communities has been satisfied by SFX Event Rentals through our 1-person setup, which offers fast, efficient, and economical service. At SFX we utilize the advantages of these modern and agile mobile bleachers, which are “built to move.”

Conventional mobile bleacher sections were clunky and difficult to move making a quick and economical turnaround difficult, not to mention the damage that typically occurred along with the hassle of setup and take down. One set of our Mobile Bleachers replaces 4 or 5 sets of conventional portable bleachers and are easily relocated as needed.

Mobile Bleachers Reasons to Choose Our Mobile Bleachers

  • Up to ten rows high for increased visibility and more seating per frontage foot
  • Fast and easy, 10 minute, one-person, push-button set-up
  • Highway towable
  • Outdoor, all-weather materials and construction
  • Exceptional rentals
  • Experienced Staff
  • Fast Delivery and Pickup
  • Perfect for filling in for new field construction

Available Options:

Select 200 Seated Capacity

Select 260 Seated Capacity

Our Highway Series are truly over-the-road mobile bleachers. The design of these units allows the maximum potential of their seating. Our mobile bleachers consist of a maintenance-free aluminum understructure, seat planks, foot planks, and guardrail system that is then made an integral part of a hot-dipped galvanized trailer assembly. This feature, coupled with the ability of these units to quickly and easily go from their towing position to fully set up and ready for use, make them a most versatile seating system. A Highway Series unit can be used for spectator seating at an event and only minutes after the event has ended be on its way to yet another event across campus, city, town, or state. Complete specifications are available upon request.